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Awareness and demand for quartz crucible

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Awareness and demand for quartz crucible

Quartz crucible is mainly used in semiconductor, photovoltaic, and other fields. Due to the high precision of products and the rapid development of technology in the photovoltaic industry, the requirements for the purity and precision of quartz crucibles are becoming increasingly stringent. my country's quartz product industry started late, and only a few large-scale enterprises have reached the advanced level in terms of quartz crucible technology. In terms of technology change, with the continuous iteration of downstream industry technology, quartz crucible manufacturing enterprises need to keep pace with the times, develop and produce products that meet the needs of downstream fields promptly, and meet the requirements of downstream customers to reduce costs and increase efficiency, to maintain their competitive advantage. Next, let's take a look at the understanding and demand for quartz crucibles.

Here is the content list:

  • Meet quartz crucible.

  • Quartz crucible demand analysis.

Meet quartz crucible.

A quartz crucible is a kind of container, which is made of high-purity quartz sand through a mold and made at high temperature by arc method. It has the characteristics of high-temperature resistance, long service life, and high purity. It is mainly used as an auxiliary consumable for semiconductor and solar-powered monocrystalline silicon rods.

Quartz crucible can be used below 1450 ℃, divided into transparent and opaque. The earliest quartz crucible is completely transparent. This transparent structure easily leads to uneven heat transfer conditions and increases the difficulty of crystal rod growth, so this crucible is eliminated. At present, a translucent quartz crucible is an indispensable basic material for drawing large-diameter single-crystal silicon and developing large-scale integrated circuits. Today, developed countries in the world's semiconductor industry have replaced small transparent quartz crucibles with this crucible. Translucent quartz gauntlet has the advantages of high chastity, strong temperature resistance, large size and high perfection, good heat preservation, energy saving, and stable quality.

Quartz crucible demand analysis.

From the perspective of service life, the ideal life of a quartz crucible is 400 hours +, and the worst case is about 300 hours. The quartz crucible service life of N-type silicon wafers is 50-100 hours lower than that of P-type silicon wafers, that is, the quartz crucible life of P-type silicon wafers is about 400 hours, and the quartz crucible life of N-type silicon wafers is 300-350 hours.

1. Quartz crucible consumption of a single crystal furnace: At present, a single crystal furnace for P-type silicon wafers uses an average of 2 quartz crucibles per month (720 hours), and 24 quartz crucibles per year.

2. Quartz crucible consumption of 1GW silicon wafers: 1GW182 silicon wafer production capacity corresponds to 100 single crystal furnaces, and 1GW silicon wafer shipments correspond to about 2400 quartz crucibles.

For further questions about the quartz crucible, please communicate with us. Times of accumulated experience in R&D and product will give you further product services and specialized support! Our sanctioned website is https// Our company adheres to the service tenet of" client first", implements honesty-grounded and client-acquainted services, takes" excellent quality, multi-directional specialized support, and accurate delivery time" as its business gospel, and takes collective benefit and common development as a thing. We wholeheartedly give high-quality quartz crucible products and services to our musketeers.




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