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  • The three major characteristics and options of the quartz tube
    The quartz tube is made of natural crystalline quartz (crystal or pure silica) or synthetic silane melted at high temperatures into quartz glass. The melted product has excellent processability. In the extremely high viscosity range, tubes and rods can be thermally processed like ordinary glasswork.
  • What are the good properties of quartz tubes
    The quartz tube is essentially a glass tube, but it is different from ordinary glass tubes. The performance of the quartz tube is very good. Today, Luverre (LYG) Technology Co., Ltd. will take you to learn about the excellent performance of quartz tubes.Here is the content list:Quartz tube has extre
  • Quartz plate thickness and reasons for its popularity
    The shape and thickness of the quartz plate depend on different requirements. For example, it is often used to make semiconductors and related components, various optoelectronic instruments, various optical equipment, medical equipment, and chemical instruments. It is widely used in electronics, che
  • The difference and performance characteristics of the quartz tube
    Two special materials are often used in industrial production, namely carbon fiber tubes and quartz tubes. In addition, heaters, heaters, Yuba, food dryers, and other fields need to use heating devices, which are so-called quartz tubes, carbon fiber tubes, etc. Some dehumidification, drying, and oth
  • Quartz tube use details and instructions
    Quartz tubes can be roughly divided into the following types: transparent quartz tube (outer diameter 1.5mm~300mm), UV filter quartz tube, colored quartz tube, etc. The transparent quartz tube has many advantages when doing related experiments, but because it is easy to damage, there are many detail
  • Optical and physical properties of quartz plate
    Optical and physical properties of fused quartz plateThe optical performance of the fused quartz plate has unique features. It can not only pass through far ultraviolet rays, which is the best among all ultraviolet-transmitting materials but also pass through visible light and near-infrared spectru
  • Performance and application fields of quartz plate
    Quartz plate is usually smelted and cut from quartz, and their silica content can reach more than 99.99%. The hardness is Mohs seven, and it has the characteristics of high-temperature resistance, low thermal expansion coefficient, thermal shock resistance, and good electrical insulation performance
  • Precautions and selection of quartz tube
    The fused quartz tube is a special industrial technical glass made of silica, which is a very good basic material. Quartz glass has a series of excellent physical and chemical properties. The fused quartz tube is used in electric fire barrels, electric ovens, and electric heaters to generate heat. N
  • Common sense and cleaning of the quartz tube
    The quartz glass tube is no stranger to us, it can not only be used for decoration but also has a wide range of uses in industry. In the chemical industry, it can be used as a cooling device for high-temperature acid-resistant gases, and it can also store chemicals such as distilled water, hydrochlo
  • Information about quartz plate
    The formation of a quartz glass plate is the result of the high viscosity of its melt at high temperatures. Used in the production of semiconductors, electric light sources, semiconductor communication devices, lasers, optical instruments, laboratory instruments, electrical equipment, medical equipm
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