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Quartz glass produced with high purity quartz sand has excellent optical properties, it has a wide range of transparency and excellent transmittance, ranging from ultraviolet to infrared region. Additionally, quartz glass is resistant to high temperature, it’s more than 1200 degrees, and melting point reached 1750 degrees, thermal expansion coefficient is small, good thermal stability. Quartz glass for photovoltaic equipment is not easy to be damaged by ultraviolet and high-energy radiation, light can pass through the quartz glass in the functional optical path, and the distortion is small.
Quartz glass can be widely used in photovoltaic industry as quartz crucible, high purity reaction chamber, gas/liquid inlet or pipeline.
As a quartz products manufacturer, we have been focusing on product development and production, according to customer's customized needs, we produce various sizes and different shapes of high purity photovoltaic quartz glass products.


High purity quartz products are widely used in the semiconductor industry because of their excellent high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and thermal stability. They are important consumables in wafer production. Quartz crucible, quartz vessel/ship, diffusion furnace core tube, quartz ring and other quartz components for the production of silicon single crystal must use high purity quartz glass products. Quartz glass is mainly used in the semiconductor field for wafer foundry diffusion and etching process, products as follow:
Quartz furnace tube is the area where the wafer is heated at high temperature. Due to the high temperature, in order to avoid the consequences of serious deformation and collapse of the quartz furnace tube after repeated and long-term use, it is necessary to use quartz furnace tube which is not easy to deformation and collapse and has a long service life.

Quartz boat/ship is a tool for carrying chips, used for chip transmission, cleaning and processing. The quartz boat is equipped with multiple wafer slots, each of which is used to hold one wafer. The quartz boat is then putted in a quartz furnace.The quartz bracket is a device for carrying multiple quartz boats.

Quartz ring is used in the etching process of semiconductor production. In this process, high purity quartz ring mainly plays a protective role. Its combination with quartz gate can realize the sealing protection of the cavity and prevent all kinds of pollution in the etching manufacturing process.

Quartz flower basket and cleaning tank are for silicon wafer cleaning, because of its acid and alkali resistance. The quartz basket is responsible for carrying the silicon wafer, and the quartz cleaning tank is responsible for carrying the washing.

As a quartz products manufacturer, we have been focusing on product development and production, according to customer's customized needs, we produce various sizes and different shapes of high purity semiconductor quartz glass products.


Quartz products have a wide range of applications in the field of lighting. We control the content of specific trace elements to make them show different degrees of absorption in ultraviolet, visible and infrared spectroscopy, so as to achieve a wide range of applications in traditional light sources, automotive light sources, special light sources, sterilization and heating.


Quartz glass has excellent optical properties, high optical transmittance and uniformity, which make it an excellent material in the field of optics.


Qartz glass has the characters of high temperature and corrosion resistance, high thermal stability, which make it an excellent material in laboratory.




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