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Common sense and cleaning of the quartz tube

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Common sense and cleaning of the quartz tube

The quartz glass tube is no stranger to us, it can not only be used for decoration but also has a wide range of uses in industry. In the chemical industry, it can be used as a cooling device for high-temperature acid-resistant gases, and it can also store chemicals such as distilled water, hydrochloric acid, and sulfuric acid. It can also be used as optical glass and made into an electric furnace core tube. With the continuous advancement of modern technology, the use of quartz glass tubes is becoming more and more extensive. Next, let's take a look at the common sense and cleaning of the quartz glass tube.

Here is the content list:

  • quartz glass tube packaging and storage common sense.

  • The main components and cleaning of the quartz glass tube.

quartz glass tube packaging and storage common sense.

Nowadays, quartz glass tube is a very common material in life, and it is used in glass manufacturing, experimental instruments, and industrial production. Since the quartz glass tube is a fragile glass product, how should we preserve this fragile product? quartz glass tubes should be packed by root with paper or plastic film and single-layer corrugated paper. Thin tubes and rods should be packed in bundles. If necessary, each tube or rod should be packed with paper or single-layer corrugated paper first, and then tied with fine hemp rope Tight, each bundle should be a product of the same diameter and length, and then packed into a packing box filled with hay or paper strips. In addition, quartz glass tube products should be stored in an indoor warehouse on wooden brackets or boards to prevent moisture. The storage address must be kept dry and tidy. quartz glass tubes should not be stacked as much as possible to prevent pressure damage. Products must be graded and specified, Category storage, to prevent mixing. In order not to affect the use of the quartz glass tube, we need to pay more attention to the packaging and storage.

The main components and cleaning of the quartz glass tube.

The main component of a quartz glass tube is silicon dioxide. The quartz glass tube made of it has high hardness, high-temperature resistance, low expansion coefficient, thermal shock resistance, and other characteristics, and can also pass through ultraviolet and infrared rays. According to the classification, it can be divided into transparent and opaque, and its acid resistance is better, except for hydrofluoric acid and hot phosphoric acid. In addition, the purity of quartz instruments can be divided into three categories: high-purity, ordinary, and doped, all of which use silicide as a raw material. After using the quartz glass tube at normal times, it needs to be cleaned, which can play a good role in the maintenance and provide convenience for the next use. What should be paid attention to when cleaning the quartz glass tube? First of all, pay attention to the correct posture of holding the quartz glass tube. You can only touch the frosted glass on both sides with your hands, to prevent your fingers from touching the optical surface. At the same time, you must handle it with care when you take it, so as not to damage it after stress. Generally, quartz instruments cannot hold solutions with corrosive glass substances, and cannot be baked in an electric furnace or a desiccator after use. Because the quartz glass tube is fragile, you must pay special attention when cleaning it to avoid breaking it.

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