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Comparison of Quartz Tube And Stainless Steel Heating Tubes

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Comparison of Quartz Tube And Stainless Steel Heating Tubes

Quartz tube and stainless steel heating tube have their own advantages and disadvantages, and are suitable for different application scenarios. When choosing, you can consider according to the following aspects:

1. temperature resistance:

  - Quartz tube: quartz has good temperature resistance, can withstand high temperatures up to 1000 ° C.

  - Stainless steel heating tube: Stainless steel has relatively low temperature resistance, but it can also withstand high temperatures of 300-600°C.

2. chemical stability:

  - Quartz tube: quartz has good chemical stability, especially good resistance to acid and alkali.

  - Stainless steel heating tubes: Stainless steel also has good chemical stability, but corrosion may occur under some specific conditions (such as halogen atmosphere).

1mm-300mm quartz glass tube, good thermal stability, support customization

3. coefficient of thermal expansion:

  - Quartz tube: Quartz has a low coefficient of thermal expansion, which means that the dimensions of the quartz tube change less when the temperature changes.

  - Stainless steel heating tubes: Stainless steel has a relatively high coefficient of thermal expansion, which means that the dimensions change more when the temperature changes.

4. mechanical strength:

- Quartz tube: Quartz has relatively low mechanical strength and is prone to breakage.

  - Stainless steel heating tube: stainless steel has high mechanical strength and is not easily damaged.

5. Price:

  - Quartz tube: the price of quartz tube is relatively high.

  - Stainless steel heating tube: the price of stainless steel heating tube is relatively low.

6. application scene:

  - Quartz tube: suitable for occasions that require high temperature and chemical stability, such as laboratory equipment, lighting equipment, etc..

  - Stainless steel heating tube: suitable for general heating occasions, such as home appliances, industrial equipment.

In summary, the choice of quartz tube or stainless steel heating tube needs to be decided according to the actual application scenarios and needs.

The above is Luverre Quartz for you to summarize the relevant knowledge about the difference between quartz heating tubes and stainless steel heating tubes, We hope it will help you.

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