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How To Check The Quality of Quartz Plate

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How To Check The Quality of Quartz Plate

Quartz glass is an important and advanced industrial material, it’s with excellent physical and chemical properties, including high temperature resistance, high light transmittance(UV light and other wave bands), corrosion resistance, meanwhile the thermal expansion coefficient is very small, electrical insulation performance is excellent, quartz glass is suitable for use in many industries and applications, like in the automation system, metallurgy, chemical industry, construction, communications and other industrial fields are widely used.

How to check the quality of quartz plate

Smell: quartz plate are made of natural quartz sand, smell no chemical flavor. Inferior quartz piece production mixed with formaldehyde glue, smells like formaldehyde flavor is very strong.

Look: look at the surface of the quartz plate, poor quality quartz plates have air lines , scratches, more impurity inside. Polishing is not smooth and shinning. For large size of quartz plates, there are visible seam mark.

Cut: when the quartz plate is cutted, poor quality has the appearance of chipped mouth. You can also use a pencil sharpener, key scratch, poor quality has obvious scratches .

What are the properties of quartz plate

What industries are quartz plate used in

Optical industry: quartz plate can transmit ultraviolet light and visible light, it’s with excellent optical properties, which is an auxiliary optical materials.

Chemical instruments: excellent resistance to high temperature, corrosion, physical properties, acid and alkali resistance, quartz plate can be used for chemical instruments.

What are the properties of quartz plate

High temperature resistance: can be used for a long time at 1100℃ and for a short time at 1450℃, with a softening point of 1730 degrees Celsius.

Corrosion resistance: stable performance, almost no chemical reaction with other acids, excellent high temperature chemical stability.

Thermal stability: can withstand drastic changes in temperature, the coefficient of thermal expansion is extremely small.

High Light transmittance: light transmittance is above 93%, excellent light transmittance performance.

What industries are quartz plate used in

Luverre Quartz is a manufacturer focusing on producing various quartz plates, we can produce customized quartz plates in various shapes, such as spiral, square, round according to customer's requirements. The processing includes cutting, bending, welding, etc., and there are different colors available, such as transparent quartz plate, opaque quartz plate, milky quartz plate, red quartz plate and so on.




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