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Information about quartz crucible

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Information about quartz crucible

With the advantages of high purity, high-temperature resistance, large size, high precision, and good heat preservation, quartz crucibles are being used more and more widely and are favored in metallurgy, chemical, electrical, aerospace, photovoltaic, and other industrial fields. The photovoltaic industry has increasingly strict requirements for its purity and precision due to the high degree of product precision and rapid technological development. The testing of quartz crucibles is a very important part and is developing towards on-site testing. The relevant information is introduced as follows.

The following is a list of contents:

  • Production principle of quartz crucible

  • Precautions for using quartz crucibles

  • Testing of quartz crucibles

Production principle of quartz crucible

Firstly, the high-purity quartz powder is loaded into the rotating molding mold which can be tilted at any angle, and centrifugal force is used to shape it. The rotating device which has become a crucible shape is moved to the electrode, and then the electrode is sent to start the arc, and the vacuum system is started at the same time, so that it melts into a crucible shape of fused quartz quickly, and is taken out after cooling, which completes the melting of a quartz crucible.

Precautions for using quartz crucibles

When using a quartz crucible, there are the following points that need to be noted. First, because its main chemical composition is silica, it does not interact with other acids except hydrofluoric acid and easily interacts with caustic bases and alkali metal carbonates. Secondly, the quartz crucible has good stability to heat and can be heated directly on the flame. Thirdly, like glassware, it is easy to break and should be used with special care. Fourth, when using potassium bisulfate (sodium), sodium thiosulfate (dried at 212 degrees Celsius), etc. as melting agents, the melting temperature should not exceed 800 degrees Celsius.

Testing of quartz crucibles

At present, traditional testing in China is usually done in the laboratory by applying larger microscopes and other testing instruments to quartz crucibles. Laboratory testing of quartz crucibles makes a great contribution to the quality of the product, however, laboratory testing is difficult to bring to the field for testing because the product is bulky and inconvenient to carry, and it is also more expensive, thus many factories do not popularize this laboratory testing equipment. For the manufacturers facing these difficulties, the application of a portable digital microscope, to be much cheaper than laboratory testing equipment, can be tested at any time and anywhere, but also can be photographed, camera, etc. will record real-time test results, well make up for its shortcomings in the laboratory testing.

In recent years, the application of quartz glass has gradually become common. To ensure the quality of quartz products, the company and the product supervision department should keep up with the times, do sufficient risk analysis, improve inspection standards, and finally improve product quality and ensure product safety for people to use. After reading the above, if you are interested in quartz crucibles, you can visit our company's website, we are looking forward to your arrival.




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