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Introduction of quartz plate

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Introduction of quartz plate

Quartz is one of the main rock-forming minerals, generally referred to as low-temperature quartz, which is one of the most widely distributed minerals in the quartz group. Its main component is silica, which is colorless and transparent, often containing a small number of impurity components, and becomes translucent or opaque crystals with a hard texture. Quartz plate is quartz fine powder (silica micro powder) through a special process of vulcanization with ultra-high wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, high insulation, and waterproof, non-slip performance of the sheet products. The following is a brief introduction to quartz plates.

The following is a list of contents:

  • Characteristics of quartz plate

  • Applications of quartz plates

  • Principle of quartz plate Production

Characteristics of quartz plate

According to the material of the quartz plate, its characteristics are as follows. First, it has acid and alkali resistance, grease resistance, wear resistance, high and low-temperature resistance, and ozone aging resistance; Second, it is scratch resistant, easy to scrub, corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, impact-resistant, and thermal shock resistant; Third, it has excellent insulation properties; Fourth, it has excellent optical properties with low refractive index and high reflectivity; Fifth, it has UV resistance, water resistance, moisture resistance, and anti-slip properties.

Applications of quartz plates

Quartz plate has many applications, it is widely used in the production of electric light sources, lasers, optical instruments, high-temperature-resistant substrate substrates, high-temperature-resistant windows, thermal management, medical equipment, and high-temperature-resistant, acid, and alkali corrosion-resistant chemical instruments; also in space technology, detection and tracking systems, spectroscopic instruments, high temperature operating window materials, photoconductive communications and other high-tech industries have many applications; it can also be used as kitchen countertops and so on.

Principle of quartz plate Production

First, quartz glass ingots are produced using the hydrogen-oxygen flame gas refining contactless process. High-purity quartz sand is sprayed through a burner onto a rotating target surface in the furnace chamber, while hydrogen and oxygen combustion continuously heats the target surface to form quartz ingots. Then a two-step hot melt re-forming process is used to make the plate. The suitable quartz ingot is put into the furnace for secondary heating and made into the required quartz plate by the furnace forming process equipment. In production, there are the following requirements. First, the particle size of high-purity quartz sand should be uniform and the particle distribution should be a normal curve. Second, cold processing should prevent the quartz plates from crystal cracking, and the acid treatment should strictly use the acid formula. Third, the abrasives should be clean. Fourth, the sheet forming speed and quartz fusion viscosity should be kept calm by temperature adjustment.

In recent years, the application of quartz glass has gradually become common. To ensure the quality of quartz products, the company and the product supervision department should keep up with the times, do sufficient risk analysis, improve inspection standards, and finally improve product quality and ensure product safety for people to use. After reading the above, if you are interested in quartz plates, you can visit our company's website, we are looking forward to your arrival.




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