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Precautions and selection of quartz tube

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Precautions and selection of quartz tube

The fused quartz tube is a special industrial technical glass made of silica, which is a very good basic material. Quartz glass has a series of excellent physical and chemical properties. The fused quartz tube is used in electric fire barrels, electric ovens, and electric heaters to generate heat. Next, let's take a look at the precautions and selection of fused quartz tubes.

Here is the content list:

  • Precautions for fused quartz tube in use.

  • The choice of the fused quartz tube.

Precautions for fused quartz tube in use.

fused quartz tubes can be said to be very extensive in our life, especially in special industries, it is a very important industrial material, and it is also an industrial instrument. Although fused quartz tube has performance characteristics such as high-temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, it needs more attention in use. Specifically, what needs to be paid attention to in use, quartz manufacturers have sorted out some topics, mainly in two aspects.

  1. Cleaning and maintenance of fused quartz tubes.

    We all know that fused quartz tube has a high light transmission and high melting point. In industrial production, it is mostly used in high-temperature environments, such as places with more than 1000 degrees Celsius. In this case, some low melting point substances are easily attached to the glass wall, which affects its light transmission. In this case, cleaning and maintenance are required. The conventional method is to clean the glass surface with pure water first, then soak it in an acidic container, and finally clean it with pure water.

  2. Correct use of fused quartz tube.

The performance of the fused quartz tube is very outstanding, but it also has certain limitations, such as being very brittle. Therefore, we must handle it with care during use to avoid breaking it. At the same time, the corrosion resistance of fused quartz tubes of different materials is also different, so it is necessary to choose liquids with different properties according to different materials and try to avoid strong corrosive solutions.

The fused quartz tube needs to be paid attention to in the application, and the focus is on these two aspects. Generally speaking, there is a standardized process for operation and use. As long as the process is followed, the fused quartz tube will not only last longer but will also be safer and more reliable.

The choice of the fused quartz tube.

A fused quartz tube is used for closed-tube diffusion because the fused quartz tube can withstand high temperatures of around 1250°C. And it will become very soft and sticky when it is above 1800°C and can be made into the desired shape. On the other hand, since the raw material used in fused quartz tube is super crystal stone, which has high purity and contains few harmful impurities, it can guarantee the quality of diffusion and alloy preparation, so fused quartz tube is often used for closed-tube diffusion.

Quartz glass can be widely used in the photovoltaic industry, such as quartz crucibles, high-purity reaction chambers, gas/liquid inlets, or pipes. As a manufacturer of quartz products, we focus on product development and production, according to customers' customized needs. If you are interested in our fused quartz tube products or have other needs, you can contact us, our website is, welcome your arrival and look forward to cooperating with you. Our company adheres to the corporate culture of "quality first, customer first", and has always made unremitting efforts to become a professional fused quartz tube supplier in the industry.




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