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Quartz tube use details and instructions

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Quartz tube use details and instructions

Quartz tubes can be roughly divided into the following types: transparent quartz tube (outer diameter 1.5mm~300mm), UV filter quartz tube, colored quartz tube, etc. The transparent quartz tube has many advantages when doing related experiments, but because it is easy to damage, there are many details to pay attention to when using the transparent quartz tube. Next, let's take a look at the details and instructions for using the quartz tube.

Here is the content list:

  • There is a lot of attention to detail when using transparent quartz tubes.

  • What are the instructions for using the quartz tube?

There is a lot of attention to detail when using transparent quartz tubes.

  1. During the use of the transparent quartz tube, the incomplete decomposition of the experimental sample, the failure of the catalyst, and the analysis of polluting (such as silicon, phosphorus, and iron) samples will cause corrosion and pollution of the transparent quartz tube, so even if Cleaning can prolong the life of the clear quartz tube. There are many ways to clean the transparent quartz tube: you can choose the corresponding organic solvent, acid solution, and deionized water to clean according to the different pollutants. If there is any residue, you can burn the transparent quartz tube at a high temperature.

  2. When the transparent quartz tube is used for sample analysis, an inner liner can be installed inside the transparent quartz tube to protect the reaction tube, which can prevent side effects and prevent corrosion and rupture caused by the reaction of the transparent quartz tube analysis sample. In the analysis of some substances that melt at the use temperature, when the amount is large, they will adhere to the quartz tube. When the temperature is lowered, the expansion coefficients of the two are different, resulting in the rupture of the quartz tube.

  3. Although the transparent quartz tube can be used at high temperatures for a long time, it should be noted that there must be a certain reaction time when it is heated and cooled because the expansion coefficient of the tube is different from that of the material filled in the tube. After the instrument is turned on, the rate of heating and cooling is controlled by the program. However, the shutdown is a manual operation. Generally, it should be lowered to about 500°C before turning off the gas and power. Cutting off the gas and power at the operating temperature will affect the service life of the quartz tube, so paying attention to the rapid cooling of the transparent quartz tube at high temperatures will affect the life.

  4. The transparent quartz tube is relatively fragile, so be careful not to collide with it in the laboratory to cause damage: when filling oxidants, reducing agents, cleaning dust, and taking out invalid catalysts, be careful not to collide with the quartz tube. Install the tube plug with an inner seal, apply a little high-vacuum grease on the sealing ring, align the tube plug vertically with the tube opening when loading, slowly rotate and insert, and also operate in this way when taking it out, otherwise, it will easily cause the quartz tube to collapse mouth.

What are the instructions for using the quartz tube?

  1. Quartz tube is a precious material, so they must be handled with care and care.

  2. All kinds of quartz tubes have a service temperature, which should not be exceeded when used. Otherwise, it will crystallize or soften and deform.

  3. The quartz tube that needs to be used at high temperatures must be wiped clean before use. It can be soaked with 10% hydrofluoric acid or lotion, and then cleaned with high-purity water or treated with alcohol. Thin line gloves should be worn during operation, and the quartz tube is not allowed to be touched directly with hands.

  4. The quartz tube is allowed to be used continuously at high temperatures, which is good for prolonging the life of the quartz tube and improving the temperature resistance.

  5. Although quartz tube has extremely high thermal stability, they can withstand sudden temperature changes. However, in actual use, due to the difference in residual strain and product shape, there is a certain difference in thermal stability, so care should be taken when using it.

  6. Quartz tube is an acidic material, strictly avoid contact with alkaline substances (such as water glass, asbestos, potassium and sodium compounds, etc.) when used at high temperatures, otherwise its anti-crystallization performance will be greatly reduced.

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