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UV Transmittance of Quartz Glass Tubes

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UV Transmittance of Quartz Glass Tubes

Characteristics of quartz glass tube

Quartz glass is a material of high purity silicon dioxide with high light transmittance and chemical stability, which is widely used in laboratories and industrial production. Quartz glass tubes are tubular materials made of quartz glass, usually used in optical, chemical and biological experiments and tests.

The ultraviolet transmittance of quartz glass tube

Quartz glass tube can transmit ultraviolet light, and the transmittance is very good, especially in the shorter ultraviolet wavelength range. Quartz glass can usually transmits UV below 200nm, and the transmittance will be reduced when it reaches the ultra-short-wave UV below 160nm. However, the specific transmission rate should also take into account the quality of quartz glass, thickness, preparation process and other factors, but also by the ultraviolet wavelength, intensity and other factors.

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The impact of quartz glass tube through the ultraviolet factors

1. the preparation process of quartz glass and material purity.

2. thickness and size of the quartz glass tube.

3. ultraviolet wavelength and intensity.


Quartz glass tubes can transmit ultraviolet light, and the transmission rate is high in certain ultraviolet wavelength range. However, the specific transmittance is affected by many factors, such as the preparation process and material purity of quartz glass, the thickness and size of quartz glass tubes, as well as the UV wavelength and intensity. Therefore, appropriate quartz glass tubes should be selected according to the needs in the experiment, and attention should be paid to controlling the wavelength and intensity of UV light to ensure the accuracy of the experimental data.

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Ultraviolet quartz glass tube permeability




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