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What Are The Requirements for The Thickness of Quartz Plate

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What Are The Requirements for The Thickness of Quartz Plate

Quartz plate is a silicon dioxide single-component substances, which has high temperature resistance, friction resistance and high light transmittance, different fields can use it, so what are the specific requirements of the thickness of the quartz plate?

1. Square quartz plate, usually between 2mm and 10mm thickness. Quartz plate has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and strong pressure resistance, in the optical field with glass and other materials irreplaceable, especially the nature of the stability of the far-ultraviolet and near-red light has a good penetration and refractive index, it is usually manifested as a colorless state, in the visible light transmittance can reach more than 90% of the ordinary glass material is far from reaching. Quartz plate is commonly used in electric light source, optical instruments and laboratory, medical equipment, its common 700mm * 700mm geometry of the thickness is usually in the 2mm to 10mm or so.

Thickness of Quartz Plate

2. Rectangular quartz plate, size within 300mm * 2000mm, thickness between 2mm and 15mm. Quartz plate also has corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance, acid corrosion resistance than ceramics and stainless steel are durable, in the smelting, electronics, building materials on the field of the advantages are very obvious, mostly used in the manufacture of precision instruments, core components, with the piezoelectricity can also be used for electronic equipment, as well as a variety of abrasive materials, such as sandblasting, sandpaper and so on. The common thickness of quartz plate is between 1mm and 10mm, and the largest size of quartz plate with a rectangular geometric area of 300mm*2000mm has a maximum thickness of 15mm.

The form and thickness of quartz plates depend on the needs, such as the production of semiconductors and related components, various types of optoelectronic devices, various optical devices, medical equipment and chemical instruments, widely used in electronics, chemical industry, building materials, metallurgy and national defense and other businesses. No matter what they are used for, the hardness of quartz plates does not change.

Thickness of Square Quartz Plate

At the same time, quartz plate has the following excellent performance, so the application field is very wide.

Advantage 1, high temperature resistance. Since the softening point temperature of quartz is about 1730℃, it can be used for a long time in an environment as high as 1100℃, and can withstand a maximum temperature of 1450℃ for a short period of time.

Advantage 2, strong corrosion resistance. This characteristic of quartz is also particularly significant, can be said that in addition to hydrofluoric acid, almost not be corroded by other acids, the performance of this acid resistance is 30 times that of ceramics, 150 times that of stainless steel.

Advantage 3, good thermal stability. Because the coefficient of thermal expansion is extremely small, even very drastic temperature changes, quartz can withstand. For example, if it is heated to 1100℃ and then put into the water at room temperature, quartz will not be blown.

Advantage 4, good light transmission performance. The light transmission performance of quartz tablets is very good, visible light transmission rate of 93% or more.

The above is my summary of the quartz plate thickness related answers, I hope to help you, buy quality quartz plate material, be sure to choose a skilled manufacturer.

quartz glass square

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