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What are the performance characteristics of quartz tube

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What are the performance characteristics of quartz tube

Quartz tube is a high-performance material, which is widely used in many fields with its unique physical and chemical properties. So what are the performance characteristics of quartz tube?

First, high temperature performance

The first and foremost feature of quartz tube is its excellent high temperature resistance. The softening point of quartz glass is as high as 1730 ℃, which makes the quartz tube can maintain stable physical and chemical properties in the extreme high temperature environment. At the same time, the quartz tube is also characterized by a low coefficient of thermal expansion, which can maintain the stability of the shape at high temperatures, reducing the risk of deformation or rupture caused by thermal stress.

Second, corrosion resistance

In addition to high temperature resistance, quartz tube also has excellent corrosion resistance. It is almost no chemical reaction with other acids, especially at high temperatures, the chemical stability is unmatched by other engineering materials. This makes the quartz tube can be used in harsh environments for a long time, without worrying about being corroded and damaged.

Third, high light transmission

Quartz tube in the optical field is also widely used, mainly due to its high light transmission. Quartz glass in the ultraviolet to infrared light in the entire spectral band has a good light transmission function, especially in the ultraviolet spectral region, its transmittance rate of up to 80% or more. This makes quartz tubes play an important role in optical instruments, lighting equipment and other fields.

Fourth, electrical insulation properties

Quartz tube also has good electrical insulation properties. Its resistance value is very high, more than 10,000 times that of ordinary glass, even at high temperatures can maintain excellent electrical insulation properties. This makes the quartz tube in the electronics, electrical appliances and other fields are widely used, such as the production of high-frequency insulating materials, electronic packaging and so on.

10mm Customized Quartz Tube

Fifth. High frequency characteristics

In the field of high frequency, quartz tube is also outstanding. It has high frequency stability and frequency accuracy, and can work in the frequency range of up to several hundred megahertz. This makes the quartz tube in wireless communications, radar and other fields have an important role.

Six, good stability

The stability of the quartz tube is also a major feature. Whether it is frequency stability or output power stability, quartz tubes show a very high level. This makes the quartz tube in high-precision measurement, control and other fields has an important application value.

In summary, quartz tubes play an important role in many fields with their excellent high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high light transmission, electrical insulation properties, and high frequency characteristics and stability.

Quartz tube manufacturer

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