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Why Is Quartz Plate More Expensive Than Glass Plate

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Why Is Quartz Plate More Expensive Than Glass Plate

Glass plates are more common in daily life, and there are many kinds of glass plates to meet the needs of various occasions, and the characteristics of different production processes will be somewhat different. Quartz plate, more accurately called quartz glass plate, is one of the minerals more widely distributed on the earth's surface. Since they are all glass, why is the price of quartz plates on the market higher than that of glass plates? The extra difference in price and where it is reflected?

First of all, we need to understand the same as the two as a glass plate, but the differences exist inside:

1. Composition

Ordinary glass is the main ingredient of sodium silicate, silicon dioxide and calcium silicate; quartz glass is made of silica special glass, compared to ordinary glass, quartz hardness and transparency are higher.

Why quartz plates are more expensive than glass plates

2. From the hardness and transmittance on the point of view

As mentioned earlier, quartz hardness is higher than glass, then how much higher? It is no exaggeration to say that the hardness of quartz plates can generally reach the Mohs scale of seven, but ordinary glass plates can only reach 5.5 to 6 or so. From the perspective of transmittance, quartz can easily pass through infrared and ultraviolet rays, which are difficult to reach ordinary glass.

3. From color and temperature resistance

Quartz plate has no color, but glass plate has more or less color. Regarding the temperature resistance, quartz plate will not crack even if it is put into water after being burned red, but glass plate will be easy to crack once it is heated at high temperature.

Composition of quartz glass plate

So how do we distinguish between quartz glass and ordinary glass?

One way to recognize it is that quartz glass can withstand very high temperatures, but ordinary glass is prone to cracking. In addition, the production cost of quartz glass plate is much higher than that of ordinary glass plate.

From the composition of the product, hardness, transmittance, heat resistance, production costs and other aspects of the glass plate and quartz plate there is a certain difference, in addition to the value and scope of application of the two are also different, which have a direct impact on the price of quartz plate.

Corrosion Resistance of Quartz Plate

Luverre Quartz is a manufacturer focusing on producing various quartz plates, we can produce customized quartz plates in various shapes, such as spiral, square, round according to customer's requirements. The processing includes cutting, bending, welding, etc., and there are different colors available, such as transparent quartz plate, opaque quartz plate, milky quartz plate, red quartz plate and so on.




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