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Introduction and on-site inspection of quartz crucible

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Introduction and on-site inspection of quartz crucible

At present, the crucible production coating technology has been used by most manufacturers, which is to coat a layer of barium dioxide solution on the surface of the crucible made of ordinary quartz sand to form a dense layer. Its dense layer can prevent silicon from reacting with quartz crucible during the high-temperature drawing process of single crystal silicon and increase the crystallization rate. Next, let's take a look at the introduction and on-site inspection of the quartz crucible.

Here is the content list:

  • Introduction to quartz crucible.

  • Field detection of quartz crucible.

Introduction to quartz crucible.

1. Quartz crucible can be used below 1450 degrees, divided into transparent and opaque. The semi-transparent quartz crucible made by the arc method is an indispensable basic material for drawing large-diameter single-crystal silicon and developing large-scale integrated circuits. Today, developed countries in the world's semiconductor industry have replaced small transparent quartz crucibles with this crucible. It has the advantages of high purity, strong temperature resistance, large size and high precision, good heat preservation, energy saving, and stable quality.

2. Cannot be in contact with HF. At high temperatures, it is very easy to react with caustic alkali and alkali metal carbonate.

3. Quartz crucible is suitable for melting samples with K2S2O7 and KHSO4 as fluxes and treating samples with Na2S207 (dried at 212 degrees first) as fluxes.

4. Quartz is brittle and easy to break, so be careful when using it.

5. In addition to HF, ordinary dilute inorganic acids can be used as cleaning fluids. Quartz crucibles 18 inches and 20 inches and 22 inches are commonly used in China for pulling monocrystalline silicon, and some manufacturers use 22 and above crucibles. At present, the crucible technology produced by major domestic crucible manufacturers is relatively mature. The raw material quartz sand used in its production is imported from the United States and high-purity quartz sand from Norway. There are also small factories that use domestic materials to produce quartz crucibles, which has a certain impact on the stability of monocrystalline silicon when it is drawn.

Field detection of quartz crucible.

Quartz crucible has the advantages of high purity, strong temperature resistance, large size and high precision, good heat preservation, energy saving, stable quality, etc., and is used more and more widely. The detection of quartz crucible is a very important link, and the detection of quartz crucible is developing towards the direction of on-site detection!

The traditional detection of quartz crucibles in China generally uses relatively large microscopes and other detection instruments, mainly in the laboratory to detect quartz crucibles. Laboratory testing of quartz crucibles has made a great contribution to product quality. However, laboratory testing is difficult to carry on-site for quartz crucible testing due to the bulky product, and the price is relatively expensive. Therefore, many quartz crucible Factories have not popularized this laboratory testing equipment.

For these troubles faced by quartz crucible manufacturers, the application of portable digital microscopes is much cheaper than laboratory testing equipment. Quartz crucible testing can be carried out anytime and anywhere, and the test results of the quartz crucible can be recorded in real-time by taking pictures and videos, which makes up for the deficiency of quartz crucible laboratory testing.




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