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Related knowledge of quartz crucible

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Related knowledge of quartz crucible

Good quality quartz crucible has the advantages of high purity, strong temperature resistance, large size and high precision, good heat preservation, energy saving, and stable quality. And there are no scratches or touch marks, the surface is shiny and free of impurities. So if you want the product to have such an effect, what kind of process should be used to achieve it? If you want to improve the quality of quartz crucible finished products, you must have requirements for grinding equipment. So next, let's take a look at the relevant knowledge of quartz crucibles.

Here is the content list:

  • How to improve the sanding effect of quartz crucible?

  • What is the difference between a quartz crucible and a graphite crucible?

  • Why does the quartz crucible need sandblasting?

How to improve the sanding effect of quartz crucible?

1. The overall size of the grinding wheel is increased, the quality is also increased accordingly, the working stability is improved, the chance of sudden contact between the grinding wheel and the crucible port is also reduced, the wear speed of the grinding wheel is reduced, and the service life of the grinding wheel is improved.

2. The diameter of the cylindrical wheel body and the circular table wheel body increase at the same time, and the rotational speed of the grinding wheel increases accordingly, thereby improving the utilization rate of the grinding wheel and bringing about an increase in grinding efficiency;

When going through a certain process, you must pay attention to avoid bumping, so as not to cause the product to break. In addition, it should be noted that the detection work is a very important link, and the detection of quartz crucible is developing towards the direction of on-site detection. Users also need to use this product. Likewise, operating practices enable products to be put to better use.

What is the difference between a quartz crucible and a graphite crucible?

Quartz crucibles and graphite crucibles are two kinds of crucible equipment that are frequently used in the market. Many users do not understand the difference between the two pieces of equipment when choosing, and cannot meet the required requirements, so these two pieces of equipment will be used next. The differences are introduced to facilitate the user's choice.

1. The difference in materials: the main raw material of quartz is high-purity quartz sand, and its auxiliary materials are graphite electrodes, graphite molds, and large-size quartz heat shields. The main raw material of graphite is a type of crucible fired from graphite, clay, silica, and wax stone.

2. The difference in use: the former is mainly used for drawing single-crystal silicon, and it can not only be used for evaporation, concentration, and crystallization of solutions in the laboratory, but also for burning solid substances. The latter is mainly used for smelting non-ferrous metals such as copper, brass, gold, silver, zinc, and lead and their alloys.

3. The difference in the production process: the production process of quartz is relatively complicated, and it needs to go through many steps such as secondary and tertiary inspections before it can be put into storage. The production process of graphite is relatively simple, mainly including hand molding, rotational molding, and compression molding.

Why does the quartz crucible need sandblasting?

As a high-temperature resistant material, quartz crucible has outstanding performance advantages during use and has good use efficiency. Not only that, but this product will also carry out various processes, among which sandblasting operation is one of them, and its sandblasting process can be introduced in detail.

1. A quartz crucible is a bowl-shaped container with a deep ceramic bottom. Quartz ceramics are required when there are solids to be heated by high fire. Because it is more resistant to high temperatures than glassware, when in use, the lid is usually placed obliquely on the quartz ceramics to prevent the heated object from jumping out, allowing air to enter and exit, and oxidation reactions may occur.

2. Because the bottom of the crucible is very small, it is usually necessary to stand on a mud triangle to heat it directly with fire. It can be placed upright, or placed obliquely on an iron tripod, or placed by itself according to the needs of the experiment. Do not place it on a cold metal table immediately after heating to avoid cracking due to rapid cooling. The quartz crucible should not be placed on the wooden tabletop immediately, so as not to burn the tabletop or cause a fire. The correct way is to cool it naturally on an iron tripod, or slowly cool it on an asbestos net.

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