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The related introduction of quartz rod

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The related introduction of quartz rod

Quartz is a mineral composed of silicon dioxide, the chemical formula SiO2. Quartz block, also known as silica, is mainly the raw material for the production of quartz sand, as well as the raw material for quartz refractories and firing ferrosilicon. Quartz is a mineral resource with very stable physical and chemical properties. The crystal belongs to the oxide mineral of the trigonal crystal system. The main raw material of quartz rods is quartz. Next, let's take a look at the introduction of quartz rods.

Here is the content list:

  • What is a quartz rod?

  • The role and precautions of quartz rod.

  • The processing points of the quartz rod production process.

What is a quartz rod?

Quartz rod is widely used in semiconductor, solar photovoltaic, infrared heating, water treatment, chemical lighting, laboratory, etc. Quartz rod has a variety of shapes that can be customized, and processing includes cutting, bending, welding, grinding, etc. Also, quartz rods are available in different colors such as transparent sticks, opaque quartz rods, milky white quartz rods, etc.

The role and precautions of quartz rod.

Quartz rod is mostly used in the laboratory, and it is used to stir the liquid without damaging our hands or the test liquid itself, so it is used more. Glass rods can also be divided into many types according to different materials. Quartz rod is one of them.

Quartz rod has the following functions:

1. Spread the heat evenly

2. Transfer of liquid and solid

3. The diversion of transferring liquid in the case of filtration, etc.

4. Stirring for dissolution, evaporation, etc.

5. Initiate reactions, such as igniting red phosphorus

Precautions for using quartz rods:

1. When stirring, stir in one direction (clockwise or counterclockwise).

2. Do not use too much force when stirring, so as not to break the glass rod or container, such as a beaker.

3. Do not collide with the container wall or the bottom of the container when stirring, and do not make any noise.

The processing points of the quartz rod production process.

In the process of producing quartz rods, there are many points to pay attention to, so what should we pay attention to? Next, the technical staff of our quartz rod manufacturer will introduce the technical points of the quartz rod in the production process:

1. By chemical etching, remove a layer of damaged layer on the surface of the wafer due to processing stress after several processes.

2. Use the sandblasting method to feel the flaws and defects on the wafer to the lower half layer, to facilitate subsequent processing.

3. The edge and surface of the wafer are polished, first, to further remove the particles attached to the wafer. Second, excellent surface flatness is obtained to facilitate the processing of the wafer processing process to be mentioned later.

4. Carry out the final thorough cleaning and air-drying of the processed wafer.

5. The final comprehensive inspection to ensure that the product finally meets the specified technical indicators such as size, shape, surface finish, and flatness.

6. Separate, wrap and box the finished quartz rod with flexible materials, prepare it to leave the factory, and send it to the ordering customer.

Committed to bringing more and better products to customers, this is what we have been doing. If you are interested in our quartz rod products or have other needs, you can contact us, our website is, welcome your arrival and look forward to cooperating with you. Our company adheres to the corporate culture of "quality first, customer first", and has always made unremitting efforts to become a professional quartz rod supplier in the industry.




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