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What Is Quartz Tube

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What Is Quartz Tube

Quartz tubing is a tubular product made using the material quartz (silicon dioxide), which has excellent physical and chemical properties. The main characteristics of quartz tubes include:

1. high melting point: the melting point of quartz is very high, about 1650 ° C, so the quartz tube is able to maintain stability in high-temperature environments.

2. excellent heat resistance: quartz tubes have very good thermal shock resistance and can withstand rapid temperature changes without rupture.

3. good chemical stability: in addition to hydrofluoric acid and concentrated alkali, quartz tube is relatively stable to most chemicals, including organic solvents and acids.

Main characteristics of quartz tubes

4. excellent light transmission: quartz tubing has good light transmission, especially in the ultraviolet and infrared regions, which makes it useful in high-temperature applications where light transmission is required.

5. Low Coefficient of Thermal Expansion: Quartz tubing has a low coefficient of thermal expansion, which means that it has less dimensional change when the temperature changes.

Quartz tubes are widely used in various industrial and technical applications such as semiconductor manufacturing, laboratory instruments, optical instruments, lighting equipment, high temperature furnaces, and chemical equipment. These properties make quartz tubing an ideal material choice for many high temperature and chemically corrosive environments.

What is quartz tube

Luverre Quartz is a manufacturer specializing in quartz tubes.We have over 18 years experience with the production of quartz tube, we will be your reliable partner on quartz tube and other quartz items.

Luverre Quartz can produce customized quartz tubes in various shapes, such as spiral, square, round, with processing including cutting, bending, welding, etc., and available in different colors, such as transparent quartz tubes, opaque quartz tubes, milky white quartz tubes, red quartz tubes, and so on.




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