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What Is The Difference between Quartz Tube And Glass Tube

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What Is The Difference between Quartz Tube And Glass Tube

Quartz tube in the appearance of ordinary glass tube does not look very different, but in fact, in the composition of the two have fundamentally different, the performance of the quartz tube is also much more powerful than the glass tube, the following will take you to learn about the difference between the quartz tube and glass tube.

1. First of all, the quartz tube belongs to the crystal, while the glass tube is amorphous.

2. The main components are different. The main component of quartz tube is silicon dioxide, while the glass tube is sodium silicate, silicon dioxide and calcium silicate.

3. Silicon dioxide content is different. Quartz tube by pure silicon dioxide melting, the content of up to 99% or more. The glass tube of silica content is generally between 70% -80%, other components also include sodium oxide, calcium oxide, lead and other alkali metals or alkaline earth metals, such composition is to reduce the melting temperature, improve the quality of glass.

Are quartz tubes and glass tubes the same

4. Different chemical structures. Whether natural or artificial, the molecular structure of the glass tube is random, while the quartz tube has a symmetrical molecular structure.

5. The two have different tolerance to temperature and pressure. Despite the two are formed deep in the earth's crust, but the quartz tube material itself can withstand higher temperatures, can be used for a long time at temperatures as high as 1100 ℃, if it is a short period of time, the surrounding temperature even up to one thousand four hundred and fifty degrees Celsius will not have an impact on it. And, because the quartz tube material is more resistant to high pressure, can be used as a protective layer, so it can also be used as a substitute for glass in the harsh environment of high temperature.

6. Corrosion resistance varies greatly. Scientific data show that, in terms of corrosion resistance, in addition to hydrofluoric acid, other acids will hardly affect the quartz tube, while the glass tube does not have such ability.

7. Stability and light transmission are different. Compared with glass tubes, quartz tubes are more stable and have greater light transmission strength. The thermal expansion coefficient of the quartz tube is very small, even if the surrounding temperature changes drastically, the shape of the quartz tube will not have much effect.

The above is Luverre Quartz for you to summarize the relevant knowledge about the difference between quartz tube and glass tube, We hope to help you.

Difference between quartz tube and glass tube

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