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Custom Optical Large Diameter Quartz Tube

  • Custom Optical Large Diameter Quartz Tube

  • We have various deep processing machines to meet the customized needs of special-shaped quartz products from our customers.

  • LUVERRE quartz

  • 99.99%

  • standard safe packing in wood case

  • 300mm OD X 20mm Wall Thickness, length as per customer request




Large diameter quartz tube quartz glass is not only used in electric light source, 

semiconductor, optical new technology, but also used in chemical industry, 

metallurgy, electrical, scientific research and other aspects.

In chemical industry: It can do high temperature acid gas incineration, cooling 

and ventilation equipment, acid solution transpiration, cooling suction collection, 

storage equipment, distilled water, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, sulfuric acid and 

other preparation of physical and chemical experiments.


In high temperature operation, it can do optical glass, crucible burning into fluorescent 

body, electric furnace core tube, gas incineration radiator, thermocouple maintenance 

tube. In chemical industry, can do high - voltage high - frequency insulation tube, 

wave tube and so on.

In optics: quartz glass and quartz glass wool can be used as rocket nozzle, spacecraft 

heat shield and observation window, in short, with the development of modern science 

and technology, quartz glass will be more and more widely used in various fields.


Our Quartz Tube produced with high purity quartz sand has excellent optical properties, 

it has a wide range of transparency and excellent transmittance, ranging from ultraviolet 

to infrared region and it is resistant to high temperature, it’s more than 1200 degrees, 

and melting point reached 1750 degrees, thermal expansion coefficient is small, good 

thermal stability.

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