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Fused Quartz Capillary Tube for Chemical

  • Fused Quartz Capillary Tube for Chemical

  • Our quartz products are widely used in building materials, chemistry, infrared heating, water treatment etc

  • LUVERRE quartz

  • 99.99%

  • standard safe packing in wood case

  • 1mm OD X 0.5mm Wall Thickness, length as per customer request




Capillary quartz tube is an indispensable container in many experimental processes. 

It can make our experiments go on conveniently and effectively. It is an important 

container for liquid storage.

Purity is an important indicator of quartz glass, which has a great influence on the 

physical and chemical function and use function, such as permeability, high 

temperature strength, softening point, light conduction, thermal stability, chemical 

stability, radiation resistance, fluorescence characteristics, etc., for the quartz glass

in the semiconductor industry, the purity requirements are more demanding.

Capillary quartz tube is mainly used for experiment, observation, measurement, and 

usually can also be used for specific purpose of the device and machine. Because 

quartz instruments are usually used for scientific research and technical measurement, 

it is necessary to have more strict production technology. Together with the complex 

structure, it belongs to high-tech products, so it is more used in industry. In addition, 

the latest production of quartz instruments more kinds, according to the shape, size 

can be divided into many kinds.

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