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milky white quartz Tube for uv lamps

  • milky white quartz Tube for uv lamps

  • Luverrequartz is a leading factory of quartz tubes, we use natural quartz mines as raw material, SIO2 can upto 5N maximum.


  • 99.99%

  • 4N

  • Inner with Vacuum PVC bag and then wrapped with air bubble film, outer with wooden box.

  • size to be customized as per customer request


Product:   milky white quartz Tube for uv lamps                                     Color:  milky white

Size Range: size to be customized as per customer request                 Customization: Yes

SiO2 content: 3N                                                                                    Tensile strength: 4.8x107Pa(N/M2)

Bulk Modulus: 3.7x1010Pa(5.3x106 psi)                       


Its main uses are as follows: far infrared baking, high temperature thermocouple applications, high temperature electric furnace heating, industrial drying/heating applications such as: heaters, disinfection cabinets, microwave ovens, electric ovens, etc

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The milky quartz tube itself can absorb the infrared spectrum of the wavelength below 4u, so that the tube itself heats up and increases the thermal energy radiation. At the same time, the emissivity reaches more than 90% in the 5-13u far infrared band, which provides the most efficient selective absorption heating element materials for the materials that need to be heated (generally have strong absorption in the 3-25U region). This special property is not possessed by other infrared materials. High quality opalescent quartz tubes made with a high purity quartz sand method can be produced at a stable size and have many excellent parameters.

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