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High Temperature Resistant Fused Silica Quartz Glass Rod

  • High Temperature Resistant Fused Silica Quartz Glass Rod

  • Our quartz rods have different colors available like clear quartz rods, opaque quartz rods, milky quartz rods, etc.


  • 99.99%

  • standard export packing

  • To be customized as per customer's request



What are the advantages of fused silica quartz rods?

Advantages 1. 

High temperature resistance: quartz glass rod softening point temperature is 

about 1730℃, it can be used at 1100℃ for a long time, highest use temperature 

for short time can reach 1450℃.

Advantages 2. 

Good edge performance: the resistance value of quartz glass rod is equivalent to

ten thousand times of ordinary PE tube, and it is an excellent electrical insulation 

material, even at high temperature, it also has good insulation performance.

Advantages 3. 

Good thermal stability: the thermal expansion coefficient of quartz glass rod is very small, 

it can withstand drastic temperature changes, quartz glass rods are not broken when it's 

heated to about 1100℃, and put it in room temperature water quickly.

4. Good transmittance: 

Quartz glass rod has good transmittance in the whole spectrum band from ultraviolet 

to infrared. Visible light transmittance is more than 93%, especially in the ultraviolet 

spectrum, transmittance can reach more than 80.

5. Strong corrosion resistance: 

in addition to hydrofluoric acid, quartz glass rod almost does not react with other acid 

substances, its acid resistance is 30 times that of ceramics, 150 times that of stainless steel, 

especially the chemical stability at high temperature, it is unmatched by any other engineering 


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