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Custom Transparent Quartz Rod for Semiconductor

  • Custom Transparent Quartz Rod for Semiconductor

  • High purity, high temperature and corrosion resistance, high thermal stability and mechanical properties, high transmittance and strict dimensional tolerance.


  • 99.99%

  • Inner with Vacuum PVC bag and then wrapped with air bubble film, outer with wooden box.

  • 1.8mm - 60mm diameter, length to be customized as per customer’s request.


Basic informations:

Product: quartz rod                                                                                 Color: Transparent, clear

Size Range: Diameter 1.8mm - 60mm                                                    Customization: Yes

SiO2 content: 4N                                                                                      Work Temperature: 1250ºC 

Soften Temperature: 1730ºC                                                                    MOQ: 
1 Piece

Application: Solar/Photovoltaic/Semiconductor/Lighting/Laboratory/Optics/chemical etc..


Production Ability:

10000 - 50000 pieces / Month, which depends on the shape/size.



Unit: PPM
K+Na Ca Fe Al Mg Ti Ba Li Cu
<10 <3 <1.5 <20 <1.0 <3.0 <0.2 <1.0 <0.5

Product Name
Quartz Rod
99.99% Sio2
  Hardness   5.5-6.5 Mohs Scale, 570KHN 100
Bulk Modulus
3.7x1010Pa(5.3x106 psi)
Tensile strength
Compression strength
  Rigidity Modulus   3.1x1010Pa(4.5x106 psi)
  Acid resistance   30 times ceramic, 150 times stainless steel
  Light transmittance   >93% for visible light,  80% for UV region
Coefficient of thermal expansion(20ºC-300ºC)
Thermal conductivity(20ºC)
Specific heat(20ºC)
Softening point
Working temperature   1100 degree
Highest temperature instantly   1450 degree
Annealing point

Further display:


Our quartz rods are high purity that was made from high quality natural quartz lumps, high temperature and corrosion resistance, high thermal stability and mechanical properties, high transmittance and strict dimensional tolerance, no worries to cooperate with us.

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Our quartz rods, plates, tubes are from high quality 4N quartz sand which were purified from grade A granular quartz lumps, they have no air bubbles, no air lines, no impurities, no scratches and have the best physical and chemical properties

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High purity quartz rods are widely used in semiconductor, solar photovoltaic, infrared heating, chemical, lighting, laboratory, optics etc. Customization is available.  


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Quartz rods have various shapes which can be customized, the processing includes cutting, bending, welding, grinding etc. And different colors are available like clear quartz rods, opaque quartz rods, milky quartz rods, etc.

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We welcome customer to send drawing/sketch to customize, we have full list of processing machines which enable us to give customers best quality of quartz products at very reasonable prices.

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Packing: inner with Vacuum PVC bag and then wrapped with air bubble film, outer with wooden box, we guarantee safest packing and 100% compensation to customers in case of any breakage.


We ship by AIR, SEA and Couriers like UPS, FEDEX, TNT, DHL....

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by courier

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by air

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by boat


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We attended the 19TH China-Asean EXPO. in Nanning and received compliment from customers.


Q1: Are you factory/manufacturer?
Yes, we are.

Q2: Do you have MOQ.?
No, we don't have.

Q3: How to place order with you?
We will quote you after you tell us the details of the quartz products, then we'll make you sample to approve if it's necessary. After you approve the sample, you can tell the quantities for us to send you PI for transferring deposit, then we start the production after we receive the deposit, and we ship out to you by sea or air/courier.

Q4: Is it workable to print logo on quartz?
Yes, it's fine.

Q5: How is the packing?
Very safe packing in wood case, no worries.

Q6: Is sample available? How long will it take? how much is the cost?

Yes, sample is available, we supply free samples if the value is not high, buyer needs to pay freight cost. It takes 1-2 days if sample is not complicated.

Q7: How is the production time?
It depends on how large the order is, normally 1-3 weeks.

Q8: What is the payment term?
We'll need 30% before production and rest before shipping. We accept L/C, T/T, WU, Moneygram.....

Q9: How do you ship the order? Where is your shipping port?

We ship by air, sea, couriers like TNT, Fedex, UPS, DHL... We ship from Qingdao, Shanghai, Lianyungang port.

Q10: How can we do if products are inferior?
Normally there won't be such issue as the quality is under good control, but if that happened, we'll take the 100% responsibility and compensate you.





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