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High Purity Heat Resistant Quartz Glass Rod

  • High Purity Heat Resistant Quartz Glass Rod

  • Quartz glass rods have good insulation which is an excellent electrical insulation material, even at high temperature also has good insulation performance.


  • 99.99%

  • standard export packing

  • To be customized as per customer's request



Luverre Quartz provides the service to customize the product according to 

customer's requirement, including cutting, end burning, grinding, special-shaping 

and other processing.

Range of OD Tolerence of OD Range of WT Tolerance of WT
4-20 mm ±0.2mm 1-2mm ±2%
20-60mm ±0.5mm 1-2mm ±2%
60-150mm ±1.0mm 2-3mm ±2%
150-200mm ±1.5mm 3-4mm ±2%
200-300mm ±2.0mm 4-5mm ±2%

Quartz sticks are usually used to stir the liquid without damaging either our hands or 

the liquid being tested. So it is used more, and there are different kinds of glass rods 

according to different materials, quartz glass rods is one of them. Quartz rods have the 

following functions:

1, Let the heat evenly spread

2. Transfer of liquids and solids

3, In the case of filtration transfer liquid diversion

4, For dissolution, evaporation and other cases of stirring

5. Trigger reactions, such as igniting red phosphorus

Attention when using quartz glass rod:

1. Stir in one direction (clockwise or counterclockwise).

2, Do not stir too hard, in case the glass rod or container (such as beaker, etc.) crack.

3, Stirring do not collide with the container wall, the bottom of the container, do not make a sound.

rod property

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