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Opaque Customized Quartz Glass Flanges for Solar Energy

  • Opaque Customized Quartz Glass Flanges for Solar Energy

  • Our quartz flange has the advantages of high purity, high temperature resistance, large size and high precision, good insulation, energy saving, quality stability and so on, no worries to cooperate with us.


  • 99.99%

  • Inner with Vacuum PVC bag, wrapped with air bubble film and in carton, outer with wooden box.

  • as per customer's requirement



Opaque Custom Quartz Flange for Solar

Our quartz flange has the advantages of high purity, 

high temperature resistance, large size and high 

precision, good insulation, energy saving, quality 

stability and so on, no worries to cooperate with us. 

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quartz flange

Our quartz flanges are from high quality 4N quartz sand which were purified from grade A granular quartz lumps, they have no air bubbles, no air lines, no impurities, no scratches and have the best physical and chemical properties.

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Quartz flange is the most advanced on the market, it has gradually replaced other materials like steel flange, iron flange and ceramic flange. It is environmentally friendly which promotes the sustainable development of the environment, it also saves the resources for enterprises. Meanwhile environmental protection is a long-term project.


Quartz glass flange

Quartz glass flange uses the most advanced and scientific production process, the joint is more rigorous, it completely ensures that there will be no leakage and it can have outstanding performance in high temperature resistance, without deformation.

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We welcome customer to send drawing/sketch to customize, we have full list of processing machines which enable us to give customers best quality of quartz products at very reasonable prices.

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Packing: inner with Vacuum PVC bag and then wrapped with air bubble film, outer with wooden box, we guarantee safest packing and 100% compensation to customers in case of any breakage.

Luverre Quartz is a manufacturer specializing in quartz flanges.We have over 18 years experience with the production of quartz flange, we will be your reliable partner on quartz flange and other quartz items.

Luverre Quartz can produce customized quartz flange in various shapes, such as spiral, square, round, with processing including cutting, bending, welding, etc., and available in different colors, such as transparent quartz flanges, opaque quartz flanges, milky white quartz flanges, red quartz flanges, and so on.

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